Friday, December 7, 2018

                        CREATE YOUR AMAZON EC2 INSTANCE 

STEP 1 Click on the link to open the AWS home page and then click on sign into the console.


·       The AWS Management console is a web control panel for managing all your AWS resources, from EC2 instances to SNS topics.  The console enables cloud management for all aspects of the aws account, including managing security credentials or even setting up new IAM User.

·       Log in into the AWS Console with your credentials /IAM credentials

Select the right AWS Region

Amazon Web Services is available in different regions all over the world, and the console lets you provision resources across multiple regions. You usually choose a region that best suits your business needs to optimize your customer's experience, but you must use the region US-WEST (Oregon) for this laboratory.

You can select the US WEST (Oregon) region using the upper right drop-down menu on the AWS Console page.

Amazon has launched the Mumbai region on july27th 2016. (Before that there is no region in AISA)

STEP 2 Create an EC2 instance

You can launch an EC2 instance using the EC2 launch wizard.

Select the EC2 service from the management console dashboard.

From the EC2 dashboard, click on Launch instance

Then choose an Amazon Machine Image(AMI) page displays a list of configurations called Amazon Machine Image(AMIs) that serve as templates for your instance. Select the first listed 64-bit Amazon Linux AMI

In the Choose an Instance Type page, do not change any options and click Next: Configure Instance details.

On the Configure Instance Details tab, check the selected Network (VPC) and Subnet. Change them, if needed, and then click
Next: Add Storage

On the Add Storage tab, do not change any options, and click the Review and Launch button.

On the Review Instance Launch page, Click Launch.

In the Select, an existing key pair or create a new key pair dialog box, select create a new key pair, then type a KeyPair name(“Test”) and download it.

Select the acknowledgment checkbox and then click on Launch Instances.

A confirmation page will let you know that your instance is launching. Click View Instances to close the confirmation page and return to the console.

STEP 3   Convert a PEM key to PPK key

If you are a windows user, you will probably use PuTTY for connecting to the remote instance. Putty is SSH client, but it does not natively support the PEM key format. For this PuTTYgen, which can convert keys to the required PPK format.

Select your .pem key file and click Open. PuTTY gen displays the message as “Successfully imported foreign key”

When you click on OK, PuTTYgen displays a dialog box with information about the key you loaded, such as the public key you loaded, such as the public key and the fingerprint.

·         Click Save private key to save the key in PuTTY’s format.
·         Don’t select a passphrase and save your private key somewhere secure.

Now you are ready to use PuTTY for connecting to the previously created instance!

STEP4 Connect to a remote using an SSH connection.

Windows has no SSH client, so you must use PuTTY and convert the PEM key to PPK using PuTTY gen.

Starting a remote SSH session using PuTTY is easy.
  • Open PuTTY and insert the EC2 instance IP address in the Host Name field.

·       Select Connection > SSH > Auth section and then select the downloaded key pair that you previously converted to
PPK format.

·       After  a few seconds, you will see the authentication from
Login as ec2-user and you will see the EC2 server welcome banner.


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